Injustice In Our Home

By Velu Manohar a Colonist

We Have Had Enough

The British have been unfairly treating us for too long and it's time we stand up and rebel against this tyranny. They have been imposing tax after tax and law after law that has effected every single one of us. At first it was just the Sugar Act but now there are taxes on Tea and all printed material and only more injustice is going to come.

The Sugar Act was the first outrageous tax the Britsh imposed upon us. We love our sugar and use it every day, but now we have to pay extra for it for no reason. This is intolerable the Britsh are taxing the most used good. This has lead to increase hardship for all of us. How much longer are we going to abide by these atrocious laws?

The Quartering Act again puts the colonies at a disadvantage. We have to supply housing and food for the vicious soldiers all for free. The soldiers are doing us no good why do we need to provide for them? The only thing the soldiers do is take our food and our freedom.

Did you guys forget what happened in Boston? The British soldiers killed and injured many peacefull protestors. Its time to wake up America, the British are not here to protect us but to hurt us and take our freedom away. Lets take a stand together and get rid of the Britsh from our home.