Weekly Rangers Newsletter

Week of September 28th-October 2nd


* A big thank you to Irene Suarez for being our 2015-16 Student Council Chair and Amber Jewell for being our co-chair!

* We are receiving a 3D printer in the library! A big thank you to Katina for writing a grant to get this really neat piece of technology for our students!

* Thank you to Ms. Wilson, Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Gearhart, Mrs. Von Buettner, Mrs. Jewell, and Mrs. Medina for attending our first K-2nd Task Force Math Meeting. Anchor Charts, Math Journals, Clear learning objectives, partner talk and multiple strategies were just a few of the many math topics discussed during this training!

* A big thank you to Jeanne Schaefer for kick starting our I-station morning tutoring! 4th and 5th grade teachers, keep encouraging your students to come in and benefit from this extra assistance from 7:00-7:40! Thank you for being proactive!

* Featured on our newsletter this week is...

- Mrs. Brooks 4th grade Leader in Me and Classroom WIGS bulletin board! Students are goal-setting as a class and individually! Great job!

Current Events

Monday, 9/28:

* 1st day of fundraiser

* 4th grade PTA meeting practice on the stage, 8:30-9:30

Tuesday, 9/29:

*ARD Day

* 3rd grade Math training for new teachers -8:00-11:00 a.m. -Mult.&Div.

* 3rd grade after school Math trainings-Mult. & Div.

* Kinder training w/Elsa Galindo, Library, 3:30-5:00

Wednesday, 9/30:

* College T-Shirt Day!

* Auxiliary Committee meetings (everyone meets in the library first)

* PTA Executive Meeting (Mrs. Rosas)

* United Way campaign kicks off!

Thursday, 10/1:

* New Teacher meeting with administration - 2:45-conference room

* G/T Parent Orientation for current students, Library, 5:30

Friday, 10/2:

* 6 weeks progress reports distributed - please see news/reminders below for more information on this.

* Leadership team synergizing meeting, 11:30


* Progress Reports:

3rd weeks: Only those failing will need a progress report signed home and will need to be initialed by Mrs. Medina or myself.

- Mrs. Medina will sign off on K-2nd grade

- Mrs. Rosas will sign off on 3rd-5th grade

6th weeks: All students will receive a progress report (failing and non-failing). Mrs. Medina or Mrs. Rosas will initial only those that are failing.

* Please send our Leader in me Positive phone call home notice to Mrs. Medina or myself. We have already made some calls home and they have been very impactful!

* As most of you know, we will not have access to our beloved district math, ela, and science specialists on our campus anymore due to district restructuring (Please ask your GLC for more information on this.) Therefore, our CIC met and agreed on continuing to have our academic committee's in place. Our meetings will have to be more purposeful and we will rely on your expertise to continue to lead our campus to greatness. If you have any suggestions in regards to our committee's, please let me know. Thank you!

Upcoming Events

October 5th- 1st grade Writing workshop: Next steps, 3:30-5:00, Stahl

October 6th - New Principal Cohort Meeting, Ramec 301, 7:30 (Mrs. Rosas)

- PTA meeting, 4th grade, 6:00

- 2nd grade math training for new teachers, 8:00-11:00

- 5th grade math training, after school

October 7th - Happy Birthday Ginger!

-Faculty meeting

October 8th - Happy Birthday Melanie!

-Kinder field trip, Madison HS, 9:00-12:45

-San Antonio Writing Project, 8:00-4:00, Steubing Ranch

-5th grade Small Group Instruction, new teachers, 3:30-5:00, Ramec 619

-2nd grade math training, after school

October 9th - PTA Spirit Shop, 7:00, Cafeteria

- Early Dismissal, 7:30-12:30

October 12th - Student Holiday/Staff Development

October 13th - Happy Birthday Jean !

- 5th grade math training for new teachers, 8:00-11:00

- 5th grade math training, after school (2nd optional training)

October 14th

Auxiliary Committee meetings

October 15th - Happy Birthday Amity!

-Elementary Principal's Meeting, 8:00-4:30 (Mrs. Rosas)

-3rd grade SAWP, 8:00-4:00, Castle Hills Cafeteria

-1st & 2nd grade Analyzing and Utilizing Running Records, 3:30-5:00, Ramec 619

- Kinder Math measurement training, after school

- Kinder new teacher Measurement, Data Analysis & Alg. Reasoning, 8:00-11:00

-1st Geometry training, after school

October 16th - End of 1st nine weeks

-IIT Meeting, 8:00-4:00, Ramec 614

-National Boss's Day

October 17th- Super Saturday

October 19th - 1st day of Red Ribbon Week

- 1st day of AMC testing

- 1st day of Book Fair

- 3rd grade Reading STAAR 101 for new teachers, 3:30-5:00,

October 20th

-4th grade new teacher Operations training, 8:00-11:00

-4th grade Math (Operations) training, after school

October 21st

Staff development training

October 22nd

-1st grade, new teacher math training, 8:00-11:00, geometry & fractions/measurement

- 4th grade Math (Operations) training, after school

October 28th

- Academic Committee meetings

- Picture re-takes

October 30th

-Read around the school, 1-2

October 23rd - Book fair opens late, 4-6

Fall Festival, 6-8

October 25th - Happy Birthday Eric!

- Happy Birthday Jeanne!

October 26th - 4th grade Revisiting Working with words, 3:30-5:00, Ramec 614

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