SCHS Summer Counseling Newsletter


Summer Reflections from your SC Counselors

Dear SCHS students and families,

SCHS counselors would like to wish you a safe and exciting summer. Some of you may have very busy schedules and others may have more flexibility, either way make sure you take some time to fill your"buckets". Do something that recharges and fulfills you. Make time for more than just the usually stuff and take some time to give back. Whether it's volunteering, visiting grandparents a little extra, helping a neighbor, babysitting, watering the family garden, vacuuming the car you may share with others, asking a family member to play tennis etc. Surprise someone with something they may not expect from you to make a difference in their day.

Summer Learning Program Information

If you need access to RCS Summer Learning Program Information please click here. Summer Learning Program is at Rochester High School this summer.

New Students & Enrollment Information

New students to the district must:

  1. Enroll at the Administration building located at 501 W. University Drive. First view webpage for details on what documents you need and how to enroll.
  2. The enrollment office should provide you with a packet of information regarding SCHS and course selections.
  3. Once the student is enrolled, you can make an appointment with the counseling office for August. (248)726-5702 or (248)726-5727. Please bring the most current transcript and reports cards to your appointment with the counselor to assist with graduation credit review and proper course placements.

Welcome to RCS! We look to forward to meeting you.

AP Scores

AP scores will be available in July. Please click here for more information and details.

SCHS Counseling Office

Counselors: Mrs. Wilson, Ms. Sorentino, Mrs. Veeser, Mr. Carlin, Ms. Caggins

Counseling Secretary: Mrs. Rowland

Registrar: Mrs. Paulus