IB Primary Years Programme Update

January 2019 - What's Happening in the PYP at Wade King?

Kindergarten - Who Are We

Central Idea: Children worldwide are the same and different.

This is an inquiry into cultural characteristics, physical characteristics, and similarities and differences between people. Students started by looking for similarities and differences between students in their classroom, and then built upon this by comparing themselves to other children around the world. A highlight of this unit was when students recorded questions for children in other countries, and their questions were replied to by students in South Korea, China, Egypt, and Azerbaijan. Our kindergartners are finding out that although there are many differences, there are also many similarities between themselves other children around the world.

First Grade - How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: Music creates images of narratives and events

This is an inquiry into genres of music, turning stories into musical performances, and contributing to group performances. Our first grade inquiry started with guest musicians teaching students about instruments and different genres of music. Since then, students have also been writing their own poems and songs, illustrating familiar songs, and sharing their favorite songs with their class. First graders also made their own instruments (such as tambourines, rain sticks, and maracas), which they will be using to perform in an upcoming Reader's Theater.

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Second Grade - How the World Works

Central Idea: An object’s balance and motion can be described and changed.

This is an inquiry into describing position and motion, the effects of pushing and pulling, and developing investigations to answer questions. During this unit our second graders read nonfiction text to learn about text features, wrote lab reports, conducted many experiments to discover laws of physics, and wrote their own information books related to forces and motion. Their summative project was to design and build a toy that could balance, roll, and/or spin. Families were invited to a Toy Museum last week to share their toys.

Second graders shared this video with the school community about their learning during this unit. Be sure to click the video link to watch it!

Third Grade - Where We Are In Place and Time

Central Idea: Indigenous cultures change over time.

This is an inquiry into the relationship between indigenous people and their environment, effects of change over time of indigenous people, and similarities between various indigenous cultures around the world. Third graders began this unit by unpacking their understanding about indigenous cultures around the world during several provocation activities and class discussions. As the unit has progressed, the third graders have learned more about the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, and how these cultures have changed over time. Next week, they will be going on a field trip to the Lightcatcher Museum to engage in deeper learning about the Coast Salish people.

Fourth Grade - How the World Works

Central Idea: Forces of nature can be used to do work.

This is an inquiry into magnetic interactions, electric currents, and the engineering design process. Students began this inquiry with an open exploration into various magnetism and electricity-related phenomena, documenting what they saw, thought and wondered about each. Students practiced the engineering-design process as they continued their inquiry into types of circuits, magnetic forces, electromagnets, and even magnetic levitation (maglev) trains. The fourth graders especially enjoyed a field trip to the Spark Museum, where they saw a Tesla coil and watched their teachers survive in the "cage of doom."

Fifth Grade - How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: Ideas, feelings, beliefs, and values are expressed when people align themselves with issues, movements and causes.

Our fifth graders have begun their Exhibition unit of inquiry! The Exhibition is an in-depth research action project, during which students work in small, collaborative groups to utilize the inquiry process and research a topic they are passionate about. Student also decide how they can take action based on their learning. When their inquiry is complete, 5th grade students will share their learning with Wade King students and families by presenting in classrooms and at their Exhibition Night. This year Exhibition Night at Wade King will be on Wednesday, March 20th from 6:30-7:30 pm. All Wade King parents and community members are invited to attend!

Mandarin Minute

Each week, all of our students spend time learning the Chinese language and learning about the Chinese culture with Mrs. Hagin. She has different classes share a 'Mandarin Minute' during our Monday Morning School Meetings. This is the 'Mandarin Minute' video clip from this week! Click on the 'Mandarin Minute' link to watch it. This is something you could watch with your child. He/she could use it to teach you some Mandarin vocabulary!

Be sure to mark your calendars for Thursday, February 14th at 8:10am. You are invited to join our school community for our annual Chinese New Year Celebration.

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Our Wade King Program Of Inquiry

As part of our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, each grade level engages in several units of inquiry during the school year. You can see our entire Program of Inquiry on our Wade King web site. It is also displayed in our entry way and in our school library.
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