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March 16, 2015

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Where is Alyson this week?

My schedule for this week is below. Notice I will be in training on Thursday and Friday. (CES and JNES teachers, You are welcome to email me for special appointments if you need to meet this week.)

  • Monday- Central Office
  • Tuesday- Athens Elementary
  • Wednesday- Brookhill
  • Thursday- ARI Training
  • Friday- Technology in Motion Training

Calendar Available on Tech Tidbits Website

My extended calendar is now available on the Tech Tidbits website. Click HERE to view. You may bookmark the site ( ) for future reference. I promise to keep it up to date! :)Alyson
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Cool Tech Tool

QR Codes in the Classroom

What can you do with QR codes in the classroom?

The possibilities are UNLIMITED! In fact, the possibilities for using QR codes as a productivity, management, and instructional tool in the classroom are so endless that I had to be careful that this week's newsletter did not become never-ending.

Check out the collections of ideas & freebies below:

Multiple Ways to Create Your Own QR Codes

Check out the short video below to learn how to create QR codes in a flash using two cool tools: and QR Stuff.
Creating and Using QR Codes in the Classroom
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QR Codes as a Management Tool!

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

QR Codes can be used to enhance productivity and work-flow in the classroom. Posting QR codes for students to quickly access a website, video, or shared document is just one way to make classroom sharing a snap! Keep reading for a few additional ideas.

A few additional ideas:

  • Share Messages- Share short text messages or instructions.
  • Share Large Files Quickly- Share a Google Drive doc. Create a QR code using the link.
  • Differentiate Instruction- Color-code QR codes for different content/groups.
  • Provide Just-In-Time Help for Students- Provide QR code links to video tutorials
  • Share Audio Messages- Record messages to share. See a few options for this below.

Use QR Codes to Share Audio Recordings

Another cool way to use QR codes is to share audio messages with your students (especially little ones who can't read everything just yet). Check out the sites and tips below!

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Athens City Schools Elementary Tech Integration


Great things are happening in Athens City Elementary Schools! iPads are becoming an embedded and integral part of teaching and learning. It is exciting to see students communicating, collaborating, and creating!

Check out a few examples from this week:

Cross-Curricular Learning!

Fourth-grade students in Cassandra Beaty's class at CES are working on integrated projects while learning Alabama History and Math concepts. They are using information they've acquired about population growth and textile mill expansion in Alabama History to create various kinds of graphs to share the information with others. Mrs. Beaty found this cool site that was easy to use and customizable (a factor the students shared is why they like it so much):

Mrs. Beaty shared that she has moved away from stations in Math and students are now working on individual or group projects while she works with small groups during math block. Students are provided with a rubric before projects begin so that expectations are clear.

The students demonstrated a very high level of engagement and complete ownership of their learning!

Alabama History Graphing Project
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Social Media- Learning & Sharing in Athens City!

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