Research Project

Hartmann Hears A Who!

Black History + Career Aspirations = Newspaper

Last week I asked students to tell me what they wanted to be when they grew up. I then told them that they were going to research the First - Most Famous - or Prominent African American in that career. Once their research is complete, they will be creating a NEWSPAPER to share their information. The newspaper will be done "old-school" on a poster board - please make sure your student has a poster board by Monday, February 1st OR let me know if you need me to provide one.


Students are in the computer lab all this week. By week's end - each student will have had 2 hours and 40 minutes of research and word processing time. During this time they are to

  1. Research
  2. Word Process their newspaper articles in their Google Drive.
  3. Save any images in their Google Drive.
  4. Create word searches, advertisements, or comics.

PLEASE ask to see what your student has accomplished thus far - as many - are not using their time wisely.

Students may share their typed documents with me via their Google Drive - and I will be happy to print in black and white for them. No matter - students need to have EVERYTHING THEY NEED to begin building their actual newspaper on Monday.

What goes in my newspaper?

  1. At least two separate articles on your person.
  2. At least one image of your person.
  3. At least one advertisement.
  4. A comic.
  5. The Weather.

Other possibilities -

  1. Sports
  2. Go Ask Willie
  3. Movies
  4. Word Search

Remember - your newspaper needs a TITLE and a DATE - it doesn't have to be from the present, but can be dated from your person's time.

Newspaper Example