Saint Andrew School News

January 2021 Newsletter

School News

Dates to remember:

1/4 - Faculty Retreat

1/5 - Classes Resume

1/13 - School Pictures

1/18 - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday - School Closed

1/31 - Beginning of Catholic Schools Week (1/31 - 2/6)

1/30 - Last day to order hot lunch and pretzels for the month of February (link at the bottom on this newsletter)

Principal's Corner

Dear Saint Andrew Families,

The Christmas season reminds us that God is with us! Our Catholic faith tells us; He came to us

in history; He comes still in mystery; and, will come again in majesty. As we start the New Year

and move toward Ordinary Time we come to realize there are still concerns for our health and

well being. The calendar year has turned to 2021, but Covid19 remains. This can be very

frustrating for those of us who long to be free of this disease. Yet, we are told this is not yet to

be. As we return to school, we will once again be called to wear a mask, wash hands frequently,

and remember to keep some social distance. Parents are asked to remain vigilant in monitoring

the health of children by checking temperatures and refraining from sending children to school

when they are not feeling well. Working together this way has allowed us to remain open to in-

person instruction thus far. Remember, God remains with us and in Him, we can do all things!

Let there be comfort in that!

Before the Christmas break, we said farewell to Mrs. Kearney who retired in order to help care

for her new granddaughter, Emily. Today we welcome Mrs. Amanda Hale to 4A! Mrs. Hale

holds a Masters in Education from Neumann University. She brings a love of God, children, and

learning along with eight years of experience teaching in Catholic schools. We are most

fortunate that the time was right for Mrs. Hale to reenter the workforce after having her second


Even though we have a good amount of weeks left in this school year, it is time to give some

thought about the next. Re-registration information will be sent home soon. Now is the time to

file the application for financial aid. The BLOCS scholarship organization uses the

common application provided by the FACTS. This application can be found online at This is the same application used for the Faith in the Future Foundation

which supports the secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Families with students in both secondary and elementary schools are encouraged to complete the application now. Awards will not be granted until all documentation has been provided to FACTS.

May this year bring you much peace, joy, and good health!

May God be praised in all we do!

Dr. McLean

Home & School News


Cord bracelet with St. Andrew School's Seal Pin will be on sale in January for $15. Various sizes but a limited quantity will be available. The Home and School Association would like to thank Candee Cintron for donating her time and the materials to make the bracelets. (See picture)

Designer Bag Gift Basket: Enter the Spin-to-Win raffle for $10 per slot or $20 for 3 slots. Slots will be on sale from January 13th until February 10th. A picture of the gift basket will be available soon.

Tiny Saints: In February, we will partner with for a fundraiser. Saint charms, board books, plushies, and lanyards will be available for sale.

Dates to remember:

General Meeting: February 3rd at 7:00 P.M. (Virtual)

Panera Night: February 5th

Read-A-Thon results:

SAS students did an incredible job reading during the Read-A-Thon! As a school, 49,044 minutes were spent reading. Our students raised $4,880 for the school.

Our top 5 readers were Uyai Eshiet (5,191 minutes), Inemesit Eshiet (2,640 minutes), Edmond Worjloh (2,320 minutes), Ella Augustine (1,304 minutes) and Alvin Okagbare (1, 291 minutes).

Our top 5 donations were raised by Jason DiSands ($720), Brayden Begley ($550), Brooke Bodison ($510), Tahj Cooper ($325), Howard Smith ($300).

Thank you to all who participated!

Teacher of the Week Spotlight

The Home and School Association would like to recognize the past recipients of the Teacher of the Week Award! Thank you for all that you do!!

Week of October 5th - Mr. Hopkins

Week of October 11th - Ms. Downey

Week of October 25th - Mrs. Yarusso

Week of November 15th - Mrs. Cappello

Week of November 1st - Mrs. Kearney

Week of December 6th - Ms. Zdinak

February Hot Lunch

The Hot Lunch Store is open for ordering for the month of February

Please click this LINK to place your orders by Friday, January 29th, 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: January daily pretzels start Tuesday, January 5th, and end Friday, January 29th.

Email Tricia Ezzie with any questions.