"The No Guitar Blues "

By: Gary Soto ,report by: Alexandria Buckley

The main character

Fausto,is an average teenage boys that, looks up to the bands he sees on a tv show. Fausto is respectful and is from the poorer part of town. Fausto lives with bot of he's parents, he's parents make enough money to live off of, but not enough to by extra things like the guitar Fausto wants. Fausto can not hold on to being guilty when he dose something bad so he would make a bad action into a good deed.


The conflict that Fausto faces is that he wants a guitar very badly, but can't find a way to get enough money to buy one. Fausto then finds a dog and returns the dog to it owner,but Fausto tells the owners that he found their dog by the highway , to get them to pay him.The owners pay Fausto money, but then Fausto faces the fact that he had lied to them and didn't deserve the money.

Best quote from the story.


I think that "The No Guitar Blues" is a good story, because it teaches people a lesson that when you do good deeds, your deeds with be rewarded. Like Fausto when he gave the money to the church ,not long after he got his guitar.

By: Alexandria Buckley