Little White Church

Fun Facts

  • People from a long time ago have been wanting to fix up and improve the Little White Church.
  • The little white church was the first church for black people in the town of Fredericksburg
  • The Youth worked to fix the church up for the first time and gained national recognition for what they did.
  • William H. Mosby preached at ceremonies when the "new" church was given its name: the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
  • The Church was built off of a limestone foundation with just its small steeple.
  • The lot was given to William McLane, Silas Russel, James Scruggins, and James Tinker who all decided upon a church to be made.


  1. 1887: the land was given to a set of trustees of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church.
  2. The members built the church with the little structure there was.
  3. The black community started to disperse and the church began to deteriorate.
  4. Cora Phillips was a trustee of the church and decided they should start rebuilding and restoring the church in 1974.
  5. The Youth began fixing the church and received national recognition.
  6. Dr. Robert Mosby began preaching at ceremonies when the church got its name "The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church" in February of 1976.

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