Young Thomas Edison

By: Micheal Dooling

Miss Hutter - Grade 3

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Essential Question :

What important traits does an inventor have?

Target Skill: Main Ideas and Details

The most important ideas in a text are the main ideas. Authors use main ideas to organize the information in a text. Authors use details to support the main ideas. In a biography, the details will add more information about a person's life.
Look At Things Differently/Adventures of Young Thomas Edison
Ask Questions - From The Adventures of Young Thomas Edison

Vocabulary Words

  1. invention - an original device, system, or process
  2. experiment - a test to find out or prove something
  3. laboratory - a place where scientists work and do experiments
  4. genius - extraordinary intellectual power, especially seen in creative ability
  5. gadget - a small, useful machine or device
  6. electric - powered by electricity, a form of energy caused by the motion of electrons and protons
  7. signal - a sound, motion, or other sign that sends a message
  8. occasional - happening from time to time


Students will be creating a biographical brochure about Thomas Edison using text, Young Thomas Edison and the virtual resources below.
BrainPOP- Thomas Edison

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