Evaluating Art

By Chris Rojo

Criteria of "Good" and "Bad" Art

Many times art is criticized based upon the artists actions and intentions with the art. In history art that conveyed messages that were not popular among the majority were considered bad artwork. In modern times art can be judged in the same way. Also, good art is judge by its ethics. Art that is considered unethical are observed as bad or unpopular artwork. Societies, too, have differing traditions of art, meaning that music , literature, and fine art can have a radically different form depending on which country you are in.

I believe the criteria that art must have to be considered "good" art is that the art has to tell and story and a color scheme that engages the viewer. To me, I believe water color paintings are the most appealing artwork. I believe artwork involves interesting characters or objects that, again, tells a story.

I believe what makes art considered good is:

  • Techniques


  • Skills

detailed and/ or complex art work

  • Medium

Water color paintings

  • Aesthetic

I believe abstract colors, engaging shapes and scenery

  • Message

I believe a painting needs to convey a message and a story that relates to the artist or society