Four Steps To Death

Trevon Harris Scrapbook


My book follows Conrad a German tank officer and Vasily a Russian soldier that hates all Nazis
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The conflict in my book is that Russian and German soldiers are fighting in The Battle of Stalingrad.
WW2 German and Russian soldiers fighting in the trenches


The plot in back is talking about each of the different sides of the battles sides. On the Russian side it talks about there problems and victories and the same for the Germans side. On Visalys side they win the war but at a cost in the end of the book Visaly and one of his friends get trapped by the Germans in a cellar. Visaly is forced to shoot his friend in the head because she was trapped under the rubble. On the Germans side Conrads final breaths were used while defending his country. He had a sack of explosives in his arms and was freezing to death. With his final bit of energy he had he pulled the pin while being shot in the hip and spine and threw it at the Russians.
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The setting takes place during The Battle of Stalingrad which was one of the bloodiest battles in WW2
Battle For Stalingrad