Guevara Times

By Jazmin Guevara

A Not So Modern Pet

This spring break I took care of 3 sugar gliders for my neighbor who went on vacation to Colorado. I hadn't even heard of a sugar glider before my neighbor had asked if I could take care of them. A sugar glider is a small animal that can glide far distances and are nocturnal. Two of the gliders were shy and very protective of themselves, while the other glider was very social and fun to be around. Every night I fed and played with them and made sure all was well. I grew to enjoy the gliders more then i thought I would, and wouldn't mind watching them again or even have one myself.

All photo's above are credited to Google.

The Zoo During Spring Break

One of the many things I wanted to do during Spring Break of 2015 was go to the zoo with a group of friends. Before I went, it had been about 2 years since I had last been. I went on a Saturday, which was not a great idea. There were so many families there which caused a long line just to get in. After about 45 minutes of waiting in line, I got in just to walk behind super slow people and of course it smelt absolutley horrible. My friends and I walked around the zoo for about 5 hours. It was over whelming because of the heat and how claustrophobic I got around all those people. Other then the negatives it was really neat and cool to see all the animals I hadn't seen in the past 2 years.

Six Flags Over Texas

On the last day of Spring Break I was with my friends and we decided to spend our last day of break at Six Flags. It felt really good outside so it wasn't as bad as it usually was. Personally I absolutly do not like roller coasters, so when my friends wanted to go on the Texas Giant I was scared out of my mind. Finally my friends conviced me to go on it, and let me tell you, I did NOT let go. It was the longest ride I've ever been on. After a long day of waiting in 2 hr long lines and riding scary roller coasters I didn't even enjoy, I agree'd I wouldnt go there again.