Police Officer

Earn $44,530 per year national average


Police officers are responsible for enforcing laws and maintaining safe communities for people, and have the authority to make criminal arrests. Police officers have many different duties. In small communities, officers perform many tasks, while in large metropolitan areas they often specialize by performing only specific duties.

Hours and Conditions

Police officers work 40 hours a week. They usually work rotating shifts that include nights, weekends, and holidays. Officers may work overtime or be subject to emergency recalls to work. This is a dangerous occupation. They must obtain and maintain their police certification by meeting state training and experience requirements.

Pros and Cons

Police officers enjoy being members of a law enforcement team. They feel that they do an important job in keeping people safe and providing competent law enforcement services. The major disadvantage of this occupation is that it is dangerous work. Another disadvantage is that they must work rotating shifts.


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