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Weekly Staff Newsletter

Learning All Around!

Last week administration began classroom walk-throughs, and wow did we see some great learning! As we walk through rooms, we are looking for:

Evidence of student learning through:

  • co-created anchor charts created during opening lessons
  • student engagement
  • thinking maps
  • student work in readers/writers/math notebooks
  • workshop model routines

There are exemplar workshop model artifacts around the campus! We have yet to see every classroom, but we are excited about what we're seeing so far! Our walk-throughs this year will support the five district instructional focuses, which we discussed during our first week of campus PD.

As we continue observing student learning and providing teachers feedback, we will also provide grade level feedback. Alignment is critical for campus-wide student achievement, so teams will often receive grade level feedback as well.

Weekly Grade Level PLCs

This week during grade level PLCs, we will discuss roles of PLC members, PLC expectations and the various ways to utilize this time to result in maximum impact for your students. Based on staff feedback conversations, there is a need to clarify the purpose and use of grade level PLCs, which we will discuss this week. Teachers do not need to bring anything to PLCs this week.

Upcoming Events:

Be sure you're checking our shared campus calendar on Outlook!

Tuesday, 9/8:

Interventionist Team Mtg, 3:05, Conference Room

Wednesday, 9/9:

Fire Drill

Staff Meeting, 3:05 (NOTE: We will discuss upcoming Grandparents Nights/Curriculum Night. At 3:20 everyone may stay to complete PDAS TRS1 or Annual Reviews if they choose. TAs DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND this week's staff meeting.)

Thursday, 9/10:

Grade level PLCs

Friday, 9/11

TSR1 DUE (Certified Teachers)

PDAS Annual Review DUE (Certified Teachers)

Monday, 9/14:

T.A. Meeting, 3:05, Conference Room

PreK-1 Grandparents' Night 6:00-7:30

Tuesday, 9/15:

Team Lead Meeting, 3:05, Conference Room

Cookie Dough Kick-off

2-4 Grandparents' Night 6:00-7:30

Wednesday, 9/16:

Staff Meeting, 3:05

Thursday, 9/17:

$1 Superhero Dress Day

Grade level PLCs

Friday, 9/18:

Professional Development

You've Been MUGGED?!

If you've been "MUGGED "don't forget to pass it along! :)


Teams, you all have received your budget for 2015-16. Remember that these funds are meant to be spent on the current school year. As I look through possible purchases, I always ask the question, "How will this purchase move our students/campus forward?"

While we're on the topic of funds, I'd like to remind everyone that we're trying to cut down on copy paper/toner this year, so we can use those funds for instructional materials. Before using more copy paper and toner, ask yourself:

  • How could students complete the same activity in their reading/writing/math notebooks?
  • How could you modify the worksheet activity, and provide a more rigorous activity which supports the district POP?