The Four Little Monkey's

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, and Do No Evil

The Beginning

One day there where four little monkey's, each monkey had decided to do something bad that day. The first monkey See would go rob a bank, Hear would steal a computer from the store, Speak would use someone else's credit card in the mall, and the last monkey Do would break into someone's house.

Each Monkey decided to start their day, when they where doing the bad things they ended up all getting arrested. When the officers took the four monkeys in for questioning they gave them 4 legal rights. All of these monkeys would be a defendant in the trial, and whom ever opposed would be the plaintiff. The little Monkey Hear was set out on bail until he had to return back to court.

The Trial

It was time for the four monkey's to go to court for their hearing, possibly if grand jury was seeking for indictment. Before they stood in the court room for their hearing, they had to appear for the arraignment and to enter the plea. Two of the Monkeys decide to enter a plea bargain, to help with their trial. The four Monkey's had to get a public defender to share their side of the story, so they could be found not guilty. The first three Monkey's could become a felon in the system, and the last Monkey would stand as a misdemeanor in the system. The four monkey's would stand in front the judge and grand jury will decide, if they are acquitted or convicted. During this trial they will call witnesses to the stand, that witnessed what the monkey's did. The prosecutor was trying to get his point across so he could find the Monkey's guilty. The Final decision was made and all of the monkey's where found guilty.

The End