By Matthew

Who were the original inhabitants of croydon?

the first inhabitants of the area were the dharug-speaking wangal clan. Their land streched along the southen shore of the parramata river from darling harbour to parramata and south to the cooks river.

There are no known Aboriginal sites in Croydon, but there are rock shelters and middens on both the Parramatta and Cooks rivers.

The first sttlers of croydon were?

The first settlers of Croydon were the Europeans. Governor Phillip showed great unwillingness to give large amounts of land to his settlers, restricting land gives to the towns and people actively planning to farm the land. After his return to England in 1792, acting governor Major Francis Grose and his inheritor Captain William Paterson chased the opposite policy giving large swathes of land to their friends previous to the arrival of the second official governor John Hunter in 1795