Celebrating @EWMS!

Edition 1, Volume 1 September 1, 2015

You are Invited!

Starting Thursday, September 3, 2015; students involved in football, volleyball, and cheer-leading will be inviting staff members to their game. The students will write their name and number (if applicable) on a helmet, megaphone, or volleyball. They will write your name on the back. These will be placed in your box. Please wear them on Game Day! (see schedule below)

Schedule of Curriculum and Materials

We have delivered the journals, letter home, and materials you may need. We are awaiting another shipment of journals, so if you have more than you need, please return them to Mrs. Warden. Also, we are making a photocopy of the student journal for you to use in modeling the journal activity. It is in your box. Please do not hesitate to communicate with Mrs. Huddleston and Mrs. Munk if you are in need of anything for a lesson.
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Ed Willkie Middle School Staff-FLASH Mob

Staff participated in a FLASH Mob as they whip and nae, nae during our Celebrate Students Assembly. For a video version, visit us on Twitter.
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