Beers Law

By Steven Bergmann

Things to Know

You should know how to correctly read graduated cylinde and know how to use the basics of Logger Pro.


Step 1. Connect The Colorimeter and prep a blank by filling a curvette 3/4 with water

Step 2. Calibrate the Colorimeter by opening the lid of the Colorimeter and placing the curvette inside and pressing the arrows so that is is set for 635mm wavelength, then press the cal button.

Step 3. In Logger Pro. click Collect and Keep to record the data.

Step 4. Collect the rest of the data by replacing the curvette with another of each solution and record the data.

How to make a % solution

To make percent solution, you should figure out what percentage the solution should be first. Then find out how much of the solution you will need. (ex. need 10 mL of a solution at 30%) You need to find out how many mL the percentage will equal of the needed amount of solution. In the example, 30% of the 10 mL needed would be 3 mL. Add the percentage of solution to a graduated cylinder. Then add water to the solution till it is at the required amount you determined at the beginning. in the example you would add 7 mL to 3 mL of solution you added.

Our Expirement

After going through all the solutions, from 10% to 60% and the unknown, we recorded that the percentage of the anesthesia was 30%, which is 10% less than the max amount to give some one. so we can say the Aunt Elda did not die from to much anesthesia.