child safety gates

for children- 6 months to about 2 years or younger!

what are some warning signs your baby has outgrown their gate?

when they start climbing over the child safety gate

or if your dog and or cat climbs over it then your child might try to imitate child safety gate

or simply because they have outgrown the child safety gate

prices of child safety gates...

most expensive- $79.98{ Walmart}

most cheapest- $12.00{Walmart}

most expensive- $144.99- 149.99{Target}

most cheapest- $91.99{target}

most expensive- $199.99{Babies r us}

most cheapest- 39.99{Barbies r us}

(online prices)

best choice for children goes too...

Walmart because the cheapest one is $12.00 compared to babies r us or Target.

Target charges $144.99-149.99 for the cheapest child safety gate. Babies r us charges $199.99 for their cheapest. so if i were you i would go to Walmart.

and these are the online prices.

a wrung sponge: baby gate poem!

I did my job.
I kept them in
or you out;
whatever was needed.

That satisfying click
closing my latch
spelled safety gate.
I held their cries

on both sides
when you retreated
to the sanctuary
of cooking dinner.

You pushed crackers
through my bars
buying distance in
your over-heated kitchen.

I stood my place
on the border.
Now they climb me as
a stair to the cookies.

You trip over me.
You’re tired of dusting
behind my hinge.
You want to paint over my holes.

You’ve driven me away
to consignment,
hoping for loose change
in exchange for my service.

A pregnant woman
frowned at me today,
running her wondering fingers
over my stained rails.

I’m ready.
Whatever she’s carrying
I’ve got her covered.
Open or closed, I’m her gate.