Benjamin and Robert

Did children go to school?

Some colonial children did go to school and some did not. At dame school girls and boys would learn to write the whole horn book. After dame school girls would go home to learn how to clean and cook and boys would go continue to learn.

Did they have schoolbooks?

At dame school you would have a horn book a horn book is a paddle board covered in animal skin that you could see through and the other book is called new england primer and only would be used by big kids after dame school.


They were not comfortable. There were hard benches,and the heat came from the fire place.Also if you forgot to bring fire wood then you would sit far away from the fire.

uh oh misbehaving

if you bit your nails in school than you would have to where a sign that said bite finger baby.

what did they read?

Bibles,religious books Aesop tales and Robinson Crusoe.

works sited