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What exactly is a street team?

Well, a street team may be considered as a promotion team. You help get the word out about someone, in this case it would be Tyler Matl. Tyler & his management would come up missions like promoting a new video, requesting a song on radio, promoting an event, trending something on twitter, etc and in a easy way for the street teams to do. The street team will also have contests that all Matlizers can enter for a chance to win merch, dms, etc!(: Let me know if you're interested & if you'd have the the time to put about 30 minutes - 1 hour a week into this. If you are from the US and would like to join, email Ricca at! If you are from another country or outside the US email Michelle at

How do you join the mobile fan club?

It's Simple! Text "Matl" to 96362. You will received text messages with updates from Tyler! You will received links to videos, pictures, & info on how to win stuff!

Tyler Matl's Official Street Team


@TylerMatlIntST - Twitter -email

Same Facebook page!

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