Oregon Trail Journal

By Brynn Lollar

Entry One

Today , April 25,1824, my family and I set off to Oregon in search for a new life. My name is Charles Bass and I'm a minister from Maryland. I have six family members joining me on my voyage: my wife, Delilah, my mother, Beth, my two daughters, Clementine and Diane, and my twin sons, Dan and Eric. I am equipped with $300 to spend along the way.

Today, we faced our first challenge. We had to cross across the river. We could either play it safe and pay $25 for the ferry, or just float ourselves across and pray to the lord that our belongings were safe! I chose to pay for the ferry, because I don't know what I would do if a loved one was lost in the process of crossing. Unfortunately, we would have made it either way, and lost our $25. After we made it across, came upon a hunting range. I decided to pass on this opportunity because I was stocked plentifully with food and could not afford to lose ammunition.

Entry Two

We have been on the road for a month maybe, so luckily not much trauma has occurred. Although, we were brought back my a fork in the road. We chose to take a risk and go on the Burial Grounds Trail. This did not please the Native Americans. We are trespassing on their holy land. I truthfully respect that, but our wagon leader decided to ignore their request anyways. My family and I are praying that nothing horrible happens..

Entry Three

We have been traveling on the Native American's burial grounds for some time now, I am beginning to fear an attack is on its way. We also come across yet another river. This river looks far more dangerous than the last, so I decide to do what is best for my family and pay for the ferry. It would be hard to keep all of your supplies safe anyways while crossing it. As I had predicted, those who chose to float across lost lots of supplies. Right when I began to think we were safe, we were attacked by Indians. They shot me in the arm and now I'm quite a bit of trouble writing this entry! Luckily, it should heal with time though. We are again faced with another fork in the road. We took Massacre Canyon, for it was told to be the quickest.

Entry Four

I am very upset. Dan, and one person from each family on my wagon train has been diagnosed with cholera. I am praying for my little one, but I'm not sure its enough. There is not much else we can do for him. He will be going to a good place.

I woke up this morning to find my Danny dead. We had a peaceful burial for all of our loved ones that were lost, and continued on the trail. We are nearing the end of this treacherous journey, but all we need to do is make it to the clearing through the mountains. THe snow up here is thick, but I have faith in us that we can make it. If we stay in the mountains when the snow storms hit, we will die. Although this is tough, we have a few options on our hands. We could either send a scout ahead and have them check out if we could make it; stay back at the area we are at now, which has shelter, food, and warmth; or we could just risk going ahead. The problem is that if we sent the scout we will be delayed from getting the best land, if we wait we will have absolutely no chance of good land, and if we go ahead we could possibly freeze and die. Our wagon train decided to go for it. We made it! We got good land and we are able to start the life we have dreamed of.
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