Religious Persecution

Unfair justise to the Christian faith must be stopped

You can help

Hindu extremists attacked a Bible Study, beating members who were hospitalized due to their wounds. The attackers then went on a “spree” seeking out Christians to beat as well as homes and places of business to loot. One Christian was pulled from his shop and beaten to death.This I believe is unexceptable and must be stopped and you can help by giving money to groups that try to stop this cause.Example Persecution and many other. 

The stories

Persecution at its worst

An election and an acceleration in Boko Haram, extremist attacks led to firestorms of violence against Christians in Nigeria in 2011. Bomb explosions by Boko Haram came with attacks on Christians by other Islamic extremists in remote areas far from the mainstream media’s view.

Unidentified gunmen in Islamabad on March 2 shot dead Federal Minister for , then Pakistan’s only cabinet-level Christian and an outspoken critic of the country’s widely condemned “blasphemy” laws. Suspected Islamic extremists from Pakistan’s Taliban left a letter at the scene saying people who try to change Pakistan’s blasphemy laws would be killed. The murder came two months after Punjab Gov. Salmon Taseer was killed by his bodyguard for supporting Asia Noreen, the first Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan on blasphemy charges.