By Allison Steppuhn

Road to Fame

Chris Daughtry started his fame by coming in 4th place on American Idol. That year was very rough, but he pushed through it and went to the finals. Chris Daughtry got a record deal very quickly after he was on the show. He didn't want to be a solo so they decided to become a band.
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After the show, he held auditions for his new band. Chris chose Josh Paul, Josh Steely, Jeremy Brady, Joey Barnes, Robin Diaz, Elvio Fernandez, and Brian Craddock. In 2006 is when they released their first single.Their first single was an awesome year. In 2006 was the year everything awesome happened and his dream came true.

Musical Accomplishments

Daughtry reached number one on the Billboard 200. Between 2007 and 2011 they won 15 awards and was nominated 8 times. After performing on the Ellen DeGeneres show they reached 43rd on the Billboard Hot 100.Their latest album was released on November 19,2013.

Fun Facts

Some fun informational facts. Chris Daughtry was born in New Mexico and came to the US to live here. Chris Daughtry go married and had 2 kids. They wrote two songs about his wife. The two songs were Wild Heart and Break the Spell. Biggest selling Rock song in 2006. Chris and Brian Craddock have known each other for a very long time
Since Daughtry has became a band they have done and been trough a lot together. They all have had a wonderful experience together and is hopefully going to still write music and performing as an awesome band.