Seven Days to Success Challenge


And we're here…the last day!

I hope you've found this challenge to be helpful in restarting your business during the new year, and spurring you to action! Even if you didn't do every single day's tasks, I hope you took the bits and pieces you could fit into your life and did something to get ready for a great 2014!

And just because I can't have the last day end too easily…today's challenge is going to require you to take some action - and fast!

Today's Focus - GETTING IT DONE!

By now you've warmed up your prospective Hostesses and Stylists, maybe even confirmed a date or two…today's challenge is to seal the deal one more time! BOOK ONE MORE SHOW FOR JANUARY - or - SIGN UP A NEW STYLIST! I'm going to extend this task - and the entire seven day task - through this Sunday, January 12th, so you have FOUR DAYS including today to get it done! I've already looked at the trunk shows you have in the system so all you need to do is to add ONE more! Or - even better - add a new stylist to our team!

Just remember - this task starts today, so anything you've already booked or ladies you've signed on (though AWESOME!), do not count! It's what you make happen from today-Sunday!

Here's how our POA will work - a little recap:

Each day I'm going to post a task (via email) for all of us to complete. They may be short, they may be long, or they may be in between - but each will contain some task you can complete to move your business forward. When you've completed the task, send me an email stating that you've done so. EVERYONE who completes all seven will be rewarded for participating with a pack of Look Books! You don't have to do one a day...if you'd prefer, you can wait a few days and then complete all those you missed. The important part is that you're DOING the tasks - not necessarily WHEN you do them!

I know you can do it - I'm going for it too because I'm in desperate need of adding something to my calendar! Let's encourage each other and post how we're doing! Go, go, go! xo Hailey