The Taiga Biome

By: Andii Harp

Location and Climate

The Taiga Biome is found in parts of Asia, Europe, and Canada. These parts are cold in the Winter and Warm/hot in the Summer. Only 4 months have an average temperature over 50° F (10° C).

  • Winter's LOWEST temperature in taiga is -65°F.
  • Winter's HIGHEST temperature is 30° F.
  • Summer's LOWEST temperature is 30° F.
  • Summer's HIGHEST temperature is 70° F

The Taiga climate has an about 12 - 33 inches (30 - 84 cm) of water. Most of it falls in the summer as rain.

The Food Chain

As Shown, the arrows point towds the animal that eats them. (as if they say, "hey, they're going to eat me!") the arrows piont that way to show the energy moving from one to another.

The moose and elk are NOT going to eat the wolves. The wolves will win and have their feast, so they try to stay away. (but things do happen.)

Example: The plant soaks up sun water and oxagain, the elk eats the plant, and the wolves eat the Elk.

Try to Help The Wolverine

The wolverine is a shy animal that tries to avoid contact with humans. Human settlements and low birth rates have decreased the wolverine populations in North America. Wolverines are considered a rare and vulnerable species. It's All because of us. think about that while you run around