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Principal Brief

August 14-18


This week was a short and a long week! RTI, AIMS web, DRA, PLC's and Title 1 night can be awesome but exhausting at the same time. As we enter week four, the data of our students will tell you a story. What areas will you focus in? How will you communicate this data story to parents? What are the areas for growth and what should be done to assure this growth? Please bring your updated data notebooks to each PLC. This will help when discussing the story of your students

Fundamental Five- Seed questions are still an area of focus. TeachThought has a created a list of question stems appropriate for each of the six levels of Bloom's taxonomy. The question stems can be used for any content area or discipline. For instance, to encourage thinking at Bloom's comprehension level, you might ask, "Can you retell___ in your own words?" For the higher synthesis level, suggested stems include "What would you infer from ____" and "What might happen if you combined ___ with___?" A chart listing all the stems- as well as the verbs to use in crafting questions at each level of taxonomy (define, interpret, revise, and so on) is available at . All question-stems are framed around blooms taxonomy and perfect for seed questions.

Jimmy Johns Student of the Week- WISD has partnered with Jimmy Johns subs. A student will be picked each week and given a reward card for a free sub sandwich. Students receiving this award will also be recognized and receive a certificate at our #hartmanpride peprallys. Holly will let you know when it is your grade level's turn to pick a student.

Kuleana- Continue to focus on respect and responsibility. Highlight students you have showing these traits on your class facebook pages. Every teacher needs to have their class facebook page complete and posting something at least once a week. Please send me an invite to join your class page. Every Friday, please post the Parent Connection Newsletter Smore that Holly posts to your class facebook page. Mrs. Haskins is taking pictures of her students showing Kuleana and displaying them on her bulletin board. I love this idea!

Upcoming Dates:

9/15 Kinder- Tooth Fairy presentation in the Cafeteria at 1:30pm

9/16- Faculty Meeting- Cafeteria

9/17- PLC's- Agenda's are on the PLC Board in office hallway

9/18- Jeans with a Hartman shirt if you have joined Sunshine! Hartman PTA spirit wear orders are due. The sweatshirts will be great for fall!