South Side of Chicago

Our America- Junior English-Audrey Peterson

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In this flyer you will learn the following about the South Side of Chicago:

- Boundaries

- Makeup of population

- Changes over the years

- Current state of the area


The northern boundary is Roosevelt Road. The southern boundary is 138th Street. The eastern boundaries are Lake Michigan and the state of Indiana. US Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox, is on the South Side.
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Makeup of Population

The South Side has been largely African American since the Civil War. Most of the South Side neighborhoods are segregated- separated by race. Children and teens make up the largest percent of the population on the South Side.

Changes over the Years

Years ago the South Side had many meat packing plants. By the mid 1950s, almost all of the plants had closed. The African American neighborhoods on the South Side changed for the worse in the 1980s. The poor people grew poorer. Also in the 1980s, public housing- housing paid for with public funds for people with low incomes on the South Side went downhill.

Current state of the South Side

Eight of the communities with the highest murder rates are on the South Side. The West Englewood neighborhood has the most murders. There has been some reduction in crime because of the police cracking down. However, many of the neighborhoods in the South Side are still poor.

Quick Statitistics about the South Side

You are three and a half times more likely to be assaulted (more likely than US Standards).

You are two and a half times more likely to have a crime(more likely than US Standards) .