Winsor Faculty Newsletter

Early October Update

Spark Grants- Due October 11th

Please be reminded that Spark Grant applications are due on Friday, October 11th. These grants, worth up to $1000, can be used for innovative practices. Classroom teachers, as well as special area teachers educating students in grades 3 and 4 are eligible to apply. In the past, a number of Winsor teachers have secured grants. These grants have been used for book publishing/story telling, engineering, and design. If you would like help completing an application, please see me and I will be happy to support this work. It is these type of differential experiences that create true resonance for our students. For more information, please see below:

Math Unit Unpacking

I wanted to thank our staff for engaging in the Unit Unpacking Protocol at our meeting Wednesday afternoon. This tool allows us to take a deep dive into our math content. By taking the actual student assessment and discussing responses with grade level partners, we take the perspective of our students and can more completely understand what constitutes a high quality response. Please, if you have not done so already, complete this form:

Book Club

Please join us on October 17th for session #2 of our Interactive Modeling Book Club. We will meet in the library. If you did not join us for session #1 but would like to be added to the group- that would be great. Interactive Modeling is all about the explicit, purposeful act of breaking down a task, using student feedback at intermediate checkpoints to build and clarify student understanding. Please see the link below for more information.,care%20of%20the%20class%20pet.

Field Trips

In order to ensure we are all on the same page, please use the following field trip request form.

Consult Time

Earlier this week, an email was sent to all grade level teams asking for a time to meet. I would like to arrange a monthly time for grade level teams to meet with Michelle DiRaimo and myself to share information and brainstorm ideas to help all of our students be successful.

This could be during Activity Block, CPT, or a prep period- the choice is up to you as I know there are always competing priorities. This will help us have an open circle of communication and time to problem solve.

Please, if you have not done so already, consult with your grade level partner and let me know.

Collins Update

Our PD session with Bill Atwood generated a lot of positive conversation. We look forward to re-connecting with Bill soon. Please see the fall Collins Newsletter, full of assessment ideas and webinar access.

More specifically, Bill has an outstanding webinar, linked below. This relates to his work with us and also offers some enhancements. This is well worth your time.