The Blue Mountains

An Aboriginal Perspective

Aboriginal Perspective

There once was three beautiful Aboriginal Sisters. There father was a great Witch Doctor. They were living peacefully but a Bunyip, who lived in a hole, threatened them. The family had to pass the hole so the Witch Doctor left the girls behind a rock to be safe. When the bunyip found the girls, the Witch Doctor used his magic bone to turn the girls to stone to protect them. After this the Witch Doctor turned into a lyrebird to flee from the bunyip. The bunyip left them because he could not find the girls or Witch Doctor. The Witch Doctor cannot turn the girls back to girls because the Witch Doctor dropped the magic bone and cannot find it. So the three sisters are forever waiting for their father to turn them back.

Geographical Perspective

The Three Sisters were formed very long ago. They were formed out of soft sandstone. The Three Sisters were formed from land erosion. The wind, rain and rivers slowly eroded the landmark to make it is today.
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