Land mass

China is third largest country in the world occupying an area of 9,600,000 sq km. China spans 62 degrees of longitude and 49 degrees of latitude.


The population of china is estimated to be about 1.354 billion. Which is an increase of 0.01% from the last record.




Mandarin is the most common Chinese language.


the summer are hot and the winters cold. Although the winters are cold, they are dry unlike in America. The summers in China are very rainy

History highlights

China was one of the oldest and longest lasting civillizations in the world


China's traditional economy was based on rural activities and farm productions. Ownership of land was was the main form of wealth in late imperial times.


Education is required and free for Chinese citizens aged 6 to 15 parents must pay a small fee for books and uniforms. Each class has an average of 35 students


Poor diet and cancer is becoming a concern in china

Living conditions

Urban cities filled with apartments complexes from the suburbs to city centres. Rural areas are still developing with the likely hood of small houses more evident.

natural resources

Coal , iron ,ore , lead , zinc , petroleum , natural gas , mercury , tin , tungsten , magnatite , aluminium.

Environmental issues

1. Air pollution

2. Water pollution

3. Desertification - land cover destruction

4. Biodiversity - pandas , elephant loss ect

5. Population growth 1.3 billion people

6. Cancer villages - so much pollution no one lives there