Sierra Leone's Education Struggle

The Effects of the Sierra Leone Civil War

The War

In 1991, a war began in Sierra Leone. Rebels against the government, made the country a very hostile environment for anyone. The Sierra Leone Civil War would last eleven long years from 1991 to 2002. Throughout the war, rebels raided villages, and destroyed buildings, and wrecked the country. 1,270 primary schools had been destroyed, 67% of ALL school-aged children were out of school, by 2001. 20,000 children were forced to be child soldiers were left with mental, social and physical scars, making it nearly impossible for them to receive and education. 60% of ALL males and females are illiterate, and a 37.1% literacy rate for adults. The Sierra Leone Education struggle seems impossible and education there is need more than ever.

Hope for Sierra Leone

Despite the SLCW, good things are happening in Sierra Leone...

Education rates have doubled since 2001-2005.

50% of citizen DO have access to clean water (still a promblem but it has improved).

The literacy rate is growing higher for children and adults.

Mission trips are being scheduled within churches to help in Sierra Leone.