Uncle Earl's Diner

Where Foods Have Feeling Too


•Cardboard Cutout of a Five Star Dish- Impress your friends without emptying your wallet!

•Single Fry in a Bucket of Cheese- Bucket not included.

•The Previous Family's Leftovers- Sharing is caring!


•Assorted Meat Sandwich- We don't really know what's in it.

•Houseplant Salad- Vegetarians eat this, right?

•Actual Donut Holes- Don't complain when nothing comes.

•Totally not Roadkill- Trust us.

•Steve's Moldy Yogurt- Maybe if we put it on the menu he'll stop offering it to us.

What We Like

•Uncle Earl's Original- You've read the story, now it's time to try the Sad Apple monstrosity.

•Todd's Pick- Todd likes to keep it classy, so a mix of Caviar and Ice Cream provides an interesting contrast. Served best with generous amounts of ketchup.

•Just Ketchup- No description needed.


•Last Year's Halloween Candy- This stuff never expires.

•Frozen Yogurt- You can avoid depression by pretending that it's healthier than Ice Cream.

•Buttered Popcorn- We charge at least half the price of that Movie Theater down the block.

About Us

My Uncle and I have been running "Uncle Earl's Diner" since March 2007. Back then, we were just two guys who wanted to show the world that anyone can cook. Since then, our business has erupted, and we have been able to quit our jobs and devote our lives to the diner. Our philosophy regarding food is simple: Be aware of it's mood, and contrast is key.