My Field trip

by Celia

The Pavek

Today my class took a trip to the Paveck. And we learned about how compasses were made and who made them. Also cool fact when people learned what they were they thought they were a good luck charm.So as a good a luck charm they carved them to look like a fish because the fish was a good luck sign. So they put it every where. But one day the people noticed that there fishes keep facing the door. So then they asked other people is yours doing this to yours to. So then in end that's when they found that they could find place to place with it.

The Bakken

Today we went to the Bakken and I did my very first radio podcast and game show. We did this thing when one person touches something and everyone gets shocked. It was scary but fun. I really want to go with my family I wondered if we could do that radio podcast. I wonder what jobs we would have. Speaking of jobs I was a well like one of the speakers. I hope I get to go back soon.
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Working with magnets

This is a picture of me and my group we were seeing if there is a invisible orb around the magnent

The Podcast

This picture is of me doing a podcast it was really fun
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