Weekly Geekly

Vol. 5 September 23-27. 2013

What's Important This Week?

This week I will be sending out our fall workshop offerings fro technology! We have lots of online options this year, so keep an eye out for that email!

Also, if you haven't heard, iOS7 is out for iDevices. We will not be able to update any of our iPods as they will not take the iOS but we are in the process of updating all of the iPads at this time.

App of the Week- Mad Lips Free

This is a super fun app that I guarantee students will love. You can upload your own picture or use one of the stock pictures provided in the app, and you can add your lips to the picture to make it talk! It uses the camera on your device to film your lips as you speak, and it creates a video that can then be saved on your camera roll. If you have ever seen the cartoon about the "Annoying Orange" it kind of looks like that. It is a fun way to make a quick little video where kids explain something.

Is this app available on the school devices? Yes! It is on all of our iPads and iPods.

Is there an Android Version? Nope. So reserve those school devices to supplement a BYOD lesson!

See an example here!


Use QR codes to get students to a web site quickly, but remember that they only work for devices that have a camera. Always pair a QR code with a short URL though so students who don't have a camera can still access the site easily!

I Spy...

6th grade World Cultures and 8th grade History have been using Nearpod in their classroom! Nearpod is a fun way to have students view a presentation together on iOS devices. It is also a cool way to use formative assessment. If you want to know more- ask one of our building experts or come see Kim!

Way to integrate technology, Social Studies!

Are you doing something cool with technology in your class? I want to know! Email me and you could be profiled in a Weekly Geekly!