St. Petersburg in Europe (Western)

St. Petersburg soon became Russia's most beautiful city!

Why should you visit St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is a beautiful city! It's the second largest city in Russia. St. Petersburg is located on Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea, there are beautiful landscapes and it's affordable too!

St Petersburg is famous for its grand streets, fine culture and the Hermitage. While there are endless educational and cultural exhibits that you can do so many things such as looking at landscapes, visiting their popular churches and museums, go on tours and look at palaces. (The picture is a popular Church name Savior on the Spilled Blood)

Human Characteristics + Where you should go

Food that we will enjoy!

Their foods are delicious! If we could visit St. Petersburg we would probably be eating in a fancy gourmet restaurant. Some of their most famous food includes hearty soups, cabbage, beef dishes, and of course, the Russian crepe, or blini. They have many fancy café’s and restaurant that serve traditional Russian foods. (The picture is Crepe, a famous delicious desert!)

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Climate and Diversity

St. Petersburgs' climate is quite warm and their winters are mild but chill at the same time. St. Petersburg is a really diverse place. It's a major European cultural center, their musical life is rich and diverse (love music), they love art, in fact they have one of the largest art museum in the world name "The Hermitage." They also have variety of different diverse food, that includes traditional bread with salt, they do a traditional ceremony that is symbolized for "welcome and marriage" a Russian girl wears a traditional Russian dress and carries a loaf of bread and places it on a table. These traditional ceremony, food, and music/art aren't done anywhere else! The history and background of St. Petersburg is what makes it so Diverse in culture! People in St. Petersburg usually speak their dominate languages Russian and English.

Physical Characteristics + Where you should go

Political Systems

St. Petersburg is a city at the forefront of change: socially, economically, culturally, and politically the European Council serves all of the University System of Georgia. This of course will examine the cultural, social, and political history of St. Petersburg.