Ride our Railroads

It's Easy, Cheap, and Practical


-Travel places faster than ever

-Cheaper than almost every other way of travel

-Good for transporting goods


-It has to have tracks to your destination before it can go there

-The time and the route of the trains can not be changed

-It's not very suitable for short distances


Around 1810 various inventors talk about a new form of travel. In 1825 John Stevens built a test track around his summer house in New Jersey

Importance to ND

Railroads are all over the state of North Dakota. People ride them everywhere. you can a quick ride to Fargo from Bismarck in a matter of hours. It helped build the state of North Dakota.


John Stevens- Is thought to be the inventor of the Railroad. Earned the Nickname "Father of the Railroad"

George Pullman- Is well known for his exclusive luxury sleeping cars. They are around 5 times more expensive than a regular railway car.

Why Ride the Railroad

Because it's only a few dollars to go a far ways. It's quick, it's easy, and simple.