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Apples, Apples, Apples

We had a busy week: We truly enjoyed seeing our grandparents on Monday. During their visit we played with cinnamon apple scented play-doh, started a craft (gift) and just enjoyed their attention. We continue to work on their gifts, a few each day, they will come home as soon as they are complete. We also had fun exploring apples. We used our senses to taste, feel and smell them. We voted on our favorite tasting apple between red and green. Green was more sour and red was sweet, red had the most votes. We made apple prints with paint inside and attempted to make outside apple prints, but our sidewalk paint was too thick. For me, one of the best parts of the week was making applesauce. We used our kid knifes to practice cutting safely and cut the apples into small pieces. Next, we took turns adding a little sugar, and water. Then, we sprinkled a little cinnamon on top and turned on the "cooker" (crock pot.) After we took our naps it was all ready for us to try. Mmm, mmm it was good. To end our week we let our hands and nose do the work. We painted with some homemade apple scented finger paint.

Up Next

This week we will take a closer look at our 5 senses. We will go on a listening walk to hear what we can hear. We will us our sense of smell to explore our cinnamon, caramel, and apple scented play-doh. We will play a little I spy and explore many textures with our hands.

In the next few weeks we will be taking on colors. If you and your child happen to find colored items in catalogs, magazines, or ads please cut them out and save them. We have a special project planned to use them. We will also make color jars representing each color, if everyone will bring in something small for each color to add those should be fun to explore. The items do not need to be big and we will probably keep them up through the year. Thank You for everything you do to support learning in our classroom!

Below is a video that shows a Conscious Discipline I Love Your Ritual similar to what we are doing in our class. It also explains why they are important.

I Love You Rituals - Your Guide For Meaningful Connections