CC Hardy 9/12-9/16

Technology Tidbits

Teacher's have been checking out tablet carts and doing wonderful, engaging instruction in their classes:

Easterling is researching a project for Social Studies and students are logging into Google and making a slideshow.

Ragoli is using Kahoot to improve Math lessons as the students work out the problems then answer the questions.

Gynzy is being used by many teachers as a station using their eBeams.

Teachers are using their document cameras to present information to their students. More training is to come on how they can utilize these cameras more effectively.

My T3 training was attended by DeFrance, Taylor, and IBarra on the use of Google Drive. I look forward to seeing how they implement this product in their classrooms.

The next T3 training will cover Google Mail and Google Calendar.

In the next few weeks I will be going to lesson planning, PLC's and doing technology visits to see how I can assist with technology needs.

Thank you for your support of technology integration at Hardy Elementary.


Technology Tip of the Week

Worried that your YouTube video won't stream when you need it to during a presentation? Copy the URL and paste it into a program called Keepvid then download it to your computer and add to your presentation!!!!!!