Twenty One Pilots

By: Kacie Horton


Twenty One Pilots formed from three friends who realized they were talented in music and lyrics. They decided to make a band in 2009 and named it after a guy they studied in history who killed 21 pilots in World War II.
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They wanted to make a band to help people going through hard times, and to show they understand it. They thought that writing these songs would help people.
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In 2009, they released their first self-titled album and began touring Ohio. Two members had to leave in 2011 due to busy schedules. Tyler Joseph, and his new band member, Josh Dun continued to make songs. Most people didn't know about this band until recently. Tyler believes making this band has benefited many people going through hard times, which makes him happy. In quite a few songs, lyrics are said relating to "These songs will never be on the radio" which he doesn't mind and says that was never his intent anyways.
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His hypothesis was correct. He helped many people and still continues to today.
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