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Spiritual / Adventure & Fun Expedition in North East Russia in the Ivdelsky District to meet the "Forest People of the Urals" - the Mansi People. The Expedition Participants will get acquainted with the history, culture, and lifestyle of the people who once inhabited a much vaster part of the Urals. The Participants will see how the modern Mansi live today and will have a chance to socialize with & talk to these descendants of the ancient Voguls with music tradition.

When? MAY 25 - JUNE 6 2017

Activities included:

  • Socializing & communication with the Mansi people

  • Rafting down the Ivdel River (a sacred & very beautiful Mansi river, very picturesque surrounding cliffs & river banks!)

  • Spiritual practises
  • Sweat Lodge Rituals
  • Visit to the Mansi Ethnic Park "Land of the Ancestors» located 36 km from Yekaterinburg
  • participation in the traditional Mansi crafts master-classes & workshops

Where? Area of the Ural Mt. Russia

How? Airplane flight to Yekaterinburg airport.

Participation & Enrolments?

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Kurenya - Bear dance - Mansi folk song - Mansi people (Siberia)


The Wild West is long gone: but the “Wild East” is still there for you to discover & explore!

From over 180 ethnic groups in Russia, the Mansi (who just number over 12,000), are among the 41 endangered indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North, Siberia, and the Far East. Believe it or not, some of these ancient peoples, scientists claim, are even ancestors of the American Indians!

Several centuries ago, the Mansi, an ancient tribal group (formerly known as “Vogul”) of glorious warriors of the vast steppes and skilled fishers & hunters, were spread from the pine-birch boreal forests on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains (the provisional geographic barrier separating Asia and Europe) to the swampy borders of Grand Duchy of Moscow!

The Mansi speak a dialect of the Finno-Ugric language of the Uralic linguistic family, to which the Saami and Hungarian languages also belong!

Up to the beginning of the 20th century the important role in Mansi life belonged to shamans. They say that this tradition is still alive today, but is carefully hidden from prying eyes. Ranging in height from 30 to 42 meters, the Remote Holy Rocks of the Mansi are one of Russia's 7 Wonders to rival Stonehenge and Moai Statues of the Easter Island! According to the Mansi legend, the stone pillars were once an entourage of the neighboring tribes› giants walking through the mountains to Siberia in order to destroy the Mansi people. However, upon seeing the holy Mansi Mountains, the shaman of the giants dropped his drum and the entire team froze into the stone pillars. Like the Ainu in Japan, the Mansi are one of the few remaining people in the world who still practice & perform the famous Bear Cult Ceremony!

Of all the peoples of northern Siberia, only the Mansi (& closely related Khanty) had stringed musical instruments: a type of five-stringed zither and a one- or two-stringed, bowed instrument (its bow made like a small archer’s bow.) The strings of both types were made from moose (elk) sinews.

Today traditional Mansi trades include some reindeer management, hunting & gathering of natural products, small-scale agriculture & handicrafts.

Now, with only 3,000 native speakers in Northwest Siberia, the Mansi language itself is on the verge of extinction. Scientists sadly predict that their unique culture & way of life may be extinct in 10-15 years at the latest!

With only 180 left, the Ural Mountains Mansi are a dying breed altogether. (Read more in the BBC article here:

This summer, (in the wake of celebrating The International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples which is observed on August 9) and thanks to our very fortunate last-minute arrangements with the Russian National Geographic Society and its professional anthropologists, you have an once-in-a-lifetime chance to get to know the genuine Mansi culture & lifestyle as it is today in the Sverdlovsk Region settlements! Please continue to our Travel Info section to view the details. Thank you & welcome to our Expedition Team!

The Program

Day 1, May 25:

Arrival of the Expedition Participants in the City of Yekaterinburg. Introductions (getting to know each other) & General Group Meeting. We are spending the rest of the day relaxing and exploring the city.

Days 2, May 26:

In the morning we have some more time in Yekaterinenbutg. Centralized & organized transfer of our Group to the rail-way station. Deaparture by train to the town of Ivdel (tarvel-time is 13-14 hours). The exact train departure time is not yet determined, however, here we’lll assume that the train time-table is similar to the one that was last year.

Day 3, May 27:

Arrival of our Group in Ivdel-1 & deprature to the Ivdelsky District. Transfer to the Mansi settlement of Poma-Paul (Peter Pakin’s family). The forest dirt-road is very bad & in poor condition, therefore, not all part of the way can be made riding the all-terrain vehicle, and we have to finish this route to the settlement on foot (walking) 6 km, or, if the road is relatively passable by the vehicle, just 3 klm. Make (pitch) our Camp near the settlement. Meeting & socializing with the Mansi: Peter Pakin’s family members & his two brothers. (NOTE: Pakin(y) is a common Mansi last (family/clan) name.

Days 3-5, May 27-29:

Socializing & communicating with the Mansi people. Living in our tents. (Outdoor camp sweat-tent for those who wish to wash & refresh themselves.)

Days 6-8, May 30-June 1:

Departure from this settlement. Transfer to the Ivdel River. Rafting down the Ivdel River (a sacred & very beautiful Mansi river, very picturesque surrounding cliffs & river banks!)

Days 9-10, June 2-3:

Transfer to the settlement of Taltiya (family clan-house of Alexei Pakin.) Accommodation in our tents. Communication & socializing with the family of Alexei Pakin.

Day 11, June 4:

Night-time departure of our Group from Ivdel by local train (travel time: 13-14 hours) to Yekaterinburg. (The exact train departure time is not yet determined, however, here we’lll assume that the train time-table is similar to the one that was last year.) Arrival in Yekaterinburg. Transfer to the Mansi Ethnic Park "Land of the Ancestors», located 36 km from Yekaterinburg. Accommodation at this Mansi Park. Seeing the Mansi exhibits & artifacts at the Park.

Day 12, June 5:

Seeing the Park & Mansi Exhibitions; participation in the traditional Mansi crafts master-classes & workshops. Accommodation in our tents. Outdoor camp sweat-tent.

Day 13, June 6:

Departure to the City of Yekaterinburg. Farewell to the Group. The Expedition Participants are transferred to the Kol’tzovo Airport to fly back home, as per their personal itineraries.

Our Wishes, Advice & Suggestions regarding the Mansi People:

We treat them with great care & utmost respect and expect, of course, the same attitude from Our Guests. We do not bring them any alcoholic beverages/drinks, beer, or strong spirits - just like in the North American Indian reservations, it is simply against the law to do so!

If you want to, you may bring to them such gifts as: food products (vegetable oil, cereals, flour, candy for the kids, sugar); any clothes for slender men of short height; for children (girls: 10-11 years) & (boys: 3 years & 10-14 years); for women (who are also not tall & of medium built); some toys. From these, you can bring your own or purchase them later locally in Russia. (A full list can be provided upon request closer to the start-date of our Expedition.)

This Expedition is not some show-off tour you can book at any local travel agency!.. (Unfortunately, there has been a real unhealthy proliferation or "boom" of these to satisfy the most primitive tourist demand, just like in overexposed Tuva, Khakassia or the Baikal Lake region!) Most of «Indigenous or Aboriginal Festivals», like the Reindeer Herders› Day, or such, are just artificial government-sponsored events to attract tourists to some regions and have nothing to do with the real every-day life of these peoples!..

Please bear in mind that the Mansi & Khanty are considered to be rather «closed societies» even by the closely trusted local anthropologists & enthographers who conduct their regular work & field studies among these peoples. (It took more tha 10 (!) years for our Russian partners to gain the trust & faith of some of the Mansi families & clans that we are about to visit during our Expedition!) Therefore, it would be rather naive & very unfair to expect the Mansi to tell about & show all they have to the ‹total strangers›, especially, foreigners! (Very unlikely that they are willing to join in to sing songs with us around the camp fire.) They may not show to us all their ceremonies & sacred places but only some, like the artifacts used in the Bear Cult or bear-skull graveyards. No doubt, we will do our best & shall try to ‹prepare› the Mansi prior to your visit, but please do not expect or anticipate much for your first time out there! Also, there are no active/living shamans there... (There may be some - but the Mansi would be very reluctant to expose them to the first strangers they see in us!) At present time, they have abandoned their reindeer-herding, though some of the tradtions & crafts are stil alive.

Therefore, your active participation & feedback during the Expedition - seeing the Mansi sacred places & sites which are a very important feature & element of their Culture; rafting down their sacred rivers; baking with us the Holy Bread Animals in the outdoor clay ovens; carefully listening to the Mansi myths & legends at the the Mansi Culture Ethnic Park & seeing the rare anthropology documentaries, etc. - would all be part of your embracing & knowing the Mansi World!

As a special bonus for our Expedition, we have asked the Mansi People to make some handicrafts & souvenirs just for you - to take back home & tell about to your friends & families! (If you’re not happy or satisfied with what you find in the settlements, many more are available at the Mansi Park!..=)

>>> Important <<<

The planned Expedition dates are an active time for ticks so It is necessary to inform the Expedition Participants that there exists the possibility of being bitten by a tick. Vaccinations against tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme borreliosis (the latter vaccine is US-made) are advised. If you lack such vaccinations, please inform us of your consent of refusal to take preventive drugs/medications in case of a bite (Rimantadine - prevention of TBE; Doxycycline - LB prevention.)


Notes & Disclaimers:

* In case of bad or inclement weather & other natural phenomena or conditions, the Expedition Schedule/Programme may change.

* Camp Accommodation: 2-3 persons per ea. Tent.

* Meals - three (3) times a day.

* Field Support Group - from 2 to 5 Professional Guides/Operators, incl. at least one certified Medical Nurse/Worker/Assistant.

* The Actual Timing of Road Travel & Transfers may vary slightly depending on the time of arrival/readiness of the whole Group.

Khanty-Mansy dances and songs


The Expediton Participation per ea. person** is 1000 euro (if you register by 28/2) or 1130 euro (for registrations after 28/2) and includes the following:

- Official Registration on your arrival in Russia;

- All local Transfers (incl. Yekaterinburg & its vicinity & the Ivdelsky District where the Expedition starts.

NOTE: In the Ivdelsky District, an all-terrain passenger vehicle is mainly used for transportation because no other transport would be able to cross the mud roads, flooded rivers & their tributaries in near after-winter conditions in the North even in late May! Some by-pass walking-hiking routes might be too long, strenuous

or dangerous to suggest to a lay traveler.) Depending on the temperature & weather, some rivers can only start to break from ice, or become over-flooded & impassable even in late May, or much later than usual. Therefore, the exact local routes/paths/roads may be subject to change! However, that will be the case only in the most extreme situations!;

- 3 Camp Meals a day (including disposable tableware which is recycled/disposed of through burning for no other means to do so in Nature) Note: If you prefer, you may bring your own kitchenware or utensils (knife-fork-spoon-cup-bowl);

- [All tours/exhibitions/museum entrance fees (if any)];

- First Medical Aid;

- All camping equipment (tents, sleeping pads & sleeping bags);

- Hiking & master-classes equipment;

- Camp (bon)fire equipment;

- Visiting the Mansi Culture Ethno-Park & all Workshops, Classes & Lectures there;

- Full Professional Field Guide Services.

**The Expedition Participation DOES NOT include:

- The Round-trip Airfare from Your Home Country to Yekaterinburg; domestic (Russian) train (rail-road) tickets (1st class couch / sleeping car around 150 euro both ways, 2nd class around 80 euro both ways).

- Russian Visa fee (please contact your local travel agent ASAP to obtain your visa on time; the visa fee is non-refundable!);

- One night accommodation in Yekaterinenburg. Eating & dining at expensive cafes or restaurants is also extra. Inexpensive on-the-road meals/food may be purchased very cheaply at local grocery=food stores on our way but, most probably, would not be necessary at all, when we have our own Expedition food provisions.)


Thursday, May 25th, 9pm to Tuesday, June 6th, 11pm

Ivdel', Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia

Ivdel', Sverdlovskaya oblast'

  • In order to enrol please send us an email at saying that you want to participate and we will send you more information regarding the registration. DO NOT BOOK your flights without first having contacted us as we have very few spots available for this very special trip.

  • Note: To reserve your place you will need to deposit the 50% of "The Travel Capsule" package cost (non refundable)

The total cost of the "travel adventure" has to be settled prior to the trip according to our policy for this trip - (thus until 20/4/2017)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


You have to book your own flight to/from Yekaterinenburg airport.

Arrival to Yekaterinenburg airport on 25/5/2017.

Departure from Yekaterinenburg airport on 6/6/2017.

Meditation & Self - development practices

Our Trip is also an opportunity to take some time to discover ourselves and go deeper into the more intimate parts of our lives. In order to do this we will have some moments of meditative talks and practices given from Alexander - Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Educator of Family, Business and Self Management

In this Trip specifically we will delve into:

A) The Spiritual knowledge of Healing (how to maintain our health & The Reasons of the Diseases) - Practice of Self healing, Yoga rituals to maintain our physical body strong ( Tao yoga ritual & Breathing practice for enhancing our immune system)

B) Energetic Empowerment & Developing of Personal Power (Self-Confidence) - How to empower ourselves with practice and everyday mindfulness of the reasons we lose our confidence in our relationships and communication with other people ( Theory and energy practices we are going to do in nature)

C) Tarot Cards Ritual - We will learn how to inspire ourselves and get results and answers with the ancient Knowledge of using the Tarot Cards (Theory and practice) - If you want you will be able to buy your Tarot Cards and be initiated by Alexander

D) Knowledge about How to manifest your wishes using the energy of intention - Here you will learn how the inner state and the brain waves we produce while thinking attract similar situations and energy from the surrounding world and that is why it is necessary to create intention for the future all the time and keep our mind only on the things that we want.

E) Shamanic Rituals - You will participate in purification and empowerment rituals that will connect you with deep inner states and awake your spiritual connection with your ancestral memory - This will help you in your path of understanding who you truly are and what is your mission in this life!

Also there will be possibility for those who want to have an individual consultation or session with Alexander - Northern Deer without an additional cost

(for more information about Alexander visit: