Floyd 1999

Friday, November 16, 2012 Jarred Owen

Did you know that Hurricane Floyd became a tropical disturbance on September 2, 1999? That was one day after I was born. Hurricane Floyd faded away on September 19th 1999. I was 18 days old, pretty cool huh?

Formation and Strength of

The way a hurricane forms is it starts as a tropical disturbances in warm ocean waters these forms are fed by warm ocean waters. If the winds becomes 38 mph the storm becomes a tropical depression. If the winds become 39 mph it becomes a tropical storm and is given a name. If the winds reach 74 miles a hour, it becomes a hurricane. Hurricanes must have warm ocean waters to thrive; if not the hurricane weakens. If the hurricane makes landfall, it weakens.

Categorizing and Naming

The way hurricanes are named is by alphabetical order and a list of names. There are six lists of names that people use each year ; they rotate the six lists of names each year. The names are in alphabetical order . Names a-z are used except for Q,U,X,Y,Z. The names they use are men and women names. In 1950-1952 they used the phonetic alphabet. In 1953, they switched to women names only. In 1979, people started using men names too. If the hurricane was destructive, enough, the name would be retired and a new name would replace it. the way people categorize hurricanes is by their wind speed. Category I=74-95 mph, category II=96-100 mph, category III=111-130 mph, category IV=131-155 mph, category V=higher than 155 mph. That is how you categorize and name a hurricane.

The Famous Hurricane Floyd

A famous hurricane that interest me is Hurricane Floyd. Floyd was a tropical disturbances on September 2, 1999. Floyd became a hurricane on September 10, 1999. Floyd was a category IV hurricane when it hit the northeastern Bahamas. Floyd was a category II when it hit the North Carolina coast and then continued up the east coast. Hurricane Floyd died on September 19, 1999. Floyd was not remembered for is destruction ; it is remembered for the amount of rain it produced. In Wilmington , NC, Floyd dropped 14.06 inches of rain. In Brewster, New York, Floyd dropped 13.70 inches of rain. Floyd was two weeks after Hurricane Dennis which just added to the flooding. Floyd cost $3 to$6 billion dollars worth of damage. Floyd caused 50 deaths in U.S.
Some people had to grieve over loss of loved ones. Some people had to grieve over loss of homes.
I hope you were moved by the story of Hurricane Floyd so you will help people who were affected by a hurricane. I hope you enjoyed my writing. Have a wonderful day!