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The Weekly News From The Classroom to Home

This Weeks Objective: Social Studies

Join our Pre-K class as we start to understand our surroundings and be able to identify places like home, school, and other familiar places in our world. We will be exploring our Pre-K TEK of Social Studies; VII.A.3

In the Classroom:


The focus of the lesson will be to have the students engage in an art activity by having them draw or make a model of their home and any other surrounding areas, then have the students compare and contrast with their fellow classmates.

I Do, We Do, You Do:

I Do:

In one part of my lesson I will draw an illustration my dinner routine that my family does every day. I will show ho prepare dinner and then how my family sits around the dinner table and how we pray before each meal. I will use the construction paper and the crayons, markers, and paint to draw out my scene.

We Do:

I will first have the students pick out any color of construction paper they will want to have as their canvas.

Then each student will draw out an event or action in their personal life that is important to them.

You Do:

The students will show off their illustrations to their classmates and then they will engage in a discussion of comparing and contrasting any similarities and differences in their own culture or home life.

Kindergarten social studies

Stop By and Enjoy the Fun!!!

On November 18, 2013 at 1:00pm I invite all parents out to our classroom to view your child’s drawings that will be displayed throughout the classroom. Each of your children will have an opportunity to present their art work and explain the importance of their drawings. I hope to see you there so we can enjoy the marvelous work your child will have on display for you.