Secular Discussion Club

Thinking without Restrictions!

A place to discuss, with rationality, empiricism, and all-round critical thinking in mind.

General Guidlines.

  • You MUST be open-minded.
  • Use evidence or reasonable thinking to back up your points/arguments.
  • Don't judge someone based off of their views; "to each his own"
  • Acting or reacting hostile/violent is NOT permitted.
  • Elitist mindsets are NOT allowed.
  • You are NOT allowed to interrupt someone when they are talking, everyone shall have an equal opportunity to speak.
  • You may be kicked out for repeated abuse of these rules.

Sessions are on Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs.Haught's Room (208)

There will be a topic chosen each week to start the discussion; however, this topic is only there to kick-start the discussion, however long we talk about said subject is up to those who participate.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning. -Albert Einstein