Small Steps

by Peg Kehret

Smore by Cole Gasner

Peg contracted a disease that would change her life for ever and make her realize how much she took for granted.

Peg Schulze was a fighter in the battle with polio. It all started on a regular school day. She was feeling tired when she went to choir that day. She was twitching throughout the day until she had fallen when switching classes. She was taken home and diagnosed with poliomyelitis. She got fast treatment and was sent to a hospital immediately,

Peg met new friends who went through the same thing that she did.

Peg was sent to the Sheltering Arms hospital for polio patients. She was treated for her breathing problems and then transferred to a new room where she met Tommy, her Lone Ranger buddy. She would read to Tommy and help him through his battle even though he was stuck in the Iron Lung. Her struggles had made her stronger than she was before and now has some new found confidence. After a short time at the sheltering arms, she was moved to another hospital with better treatments. This is where she met her new roommates, Renee, Shirley, Alice, and Dorthy. Peg spent the rest of her polio days with these four girls. They became best friends and had a special bond that nobody else had. Peg learned to sit up strait, get in her wheelchair, and even use walking sticks. She could walk for short periods of time without her sticks and by taking small steps, was able to go back to school once again.

Back Home

Peg overcame her fight with polio and continued with her previous life. She kept getting better everyday until she recovered.