Best Teaching Practices

Adobe Office Hours Remediation

The quiz question analysis tool is a fairly easy way to see which quiz questions students are answering incorrectly most frequently. With large classes this is helpful. Even though I review each quiz and questions missed, sometimes the correlation is not as easy to make as is done with this tool. The benefit is that I am able to adjust adobe learning sessions to remediate these concepts. Even if students are unable to attend, the recording is made and can be made available to students that need the additional support.

Adobe Office Hours Remediation Example

Course Updates Communication

At the end of each assignment period, communication with students and parents is made by both email and phone. This is an example of an email that is sent. It does advise about the grades being updated, but it includes areas that can be helpful to students going forward. In this email, focus was directed to the differentiated opportunities that are available, and the weekly office hours help sessions. It offers a positive message to all students, whether that student is behind or doing very well.

Course Updates Communication Example

Welcome to Mr. Frye's Class

Each student that enrolls in class receives a welcome email from me. The link provides an example of this welcome email. It is sent through theSIS, so documentation of this communication is done, too.

Welcome to Class Example