· Implemented Purchasing Policy, Eliminated no bid contracts (2011)

· Implemented Ethics Policy (2011)

· Updated several areas on Employee Handbook (on going)

o Personnel Records requests (2011)

o Removed option to sell back casual (same as sick time- cost savings not paying out extra money) (2011)

· Negotiated new PD contract which was expired by 2 years (2012)

· Limited attendance of Village Attorney to only meetings in which we thought there was a requirement (2011) Cost savings approx $350.00 per meeting X 36 meetings (2 years) = approx $ 12,600

· New health insurance coverage at a cost savings of approx $20,000 annually (2012)

· New Health insurance coverage at a ADDITIONAL cost savings of approx $12,000 (2013) BELOW 2012 RATES, WHERE THE AVERAGE COSTS WERE GOING UP 7% - 9%

· Implemented new Village insurance coverage at a cost savings with higher coverage limits and lower deductibles (2012)

· Found new vision/dental coverage for employees at a cost savings total for both of approx $30 per month = approx $360 per year (2012)

· New contract for cell phones, with a cost savings of approx $150 per month = approx $1800 per year (2012)

· Overall budget reductions which equate to lower taxes (2012 and 2013)

· Implemented Trip reports for training classes (2011)

· Implemented Leave slips (2011)

· Updated webpage for new look and cost savings of approx $700 per year (2011) X 3 years = $2100

· Paying off loans for a approx annual costs savings of $97,000 year (2012-2015) (Total loan payoff approx $480,000)

· By paying off loans, projected interest savings of between 142,000 - $211,000 depending on refinancing.(2012)

· Implemented Fire billing ordinance for vehicle fires which will gain revenue per call (2012) approx 2500 per year.

· Implemented Opt Out Option and Open Season Enrollment for Health Insurance (2012)

· Community Involvement – Citizens for Growth, = electronics drive, farmers market, craft fair, flower pots on Main St, raised money for Fireworks (first time in 3 years, and NO cost to Village) (2011)

· Implemented an employee performance review plan – which has not been in at least 7 years according to Terry who has never received a review since she has been employed with the Village. (2011)

· President’s newsletter and distribution thru website signup (2011 - current)

· Reduction in salary and expenses for Building Inspector annually (2012)

· Got the condemned shed removed next to the Rescue Squad that according to Wendall Schenning had asked the past board to remove for two years. (2011)

· We now have a comprehensive streets repair/replacement plan in hand which includes budgeted amounts for work and is prioritized by need/expense. (2012)

· Reduction in overtime for office staff not attending committee meetings (2011- current) 1hrs per meeting x approx 20 meetings per year @ $25.38 OT rate = approximately $500 in annual cost savings x 2 years = approx $1000

· Upgrading fire dept personnel by drug testing all new prospects. (2012)

· Implemented the usage of the new Chase credit card program which will provide cash back to the Village (2012)

· $2500 in annual cost saving on FDIC insurance coverage for bank accounts – fees waived JUST BY ASKING!!! (2012)

· Approved a online payment system for sewer bill/taxes (2012) Implementation pending as of 1 Jan 13 due to setup of system by vendor

· Approved Online payment system will replace current PD machine at a cost savings of approx $1400 per year.

· Budgeted money for Fire Dept Outlay account, the first time that has been done in at least 10 years. We are planning for future replacement of outdated or broken equipment. (2012)

· Offered Conceal and Carry Classes to residents (2012)

· 2% pay increase for office and maint dept staff with no increased budget (approved 2012 to be implemented in 2013)

· 2 major roads in town repaved (2012)

· Implemented ordinance to update yield signs to stop signs and add additional stop signs at several crossings (2012)

· Created a Facebook page for the Village of Silver Lake as another way to keep our citizens informed.

· $3000 cost savings for Village Auditor due to open bidding (implemented in 2012 for 2013)

· Upgraded Time Warner Cable services WITH a cost savings of $20.56 per month totaling $246.72 (2012)

· Employee handbook updates to include

o info for rehires (2013)

o update on casual time and retirement system eligibility (2013)

· Employee handbook update to implemented new office procedures manual to establish the following: (2013)

o key controls

o ballot placement affidavit to eliminate any question about selection and placement

o records request to add signature which is currently not on there (and to add to the website)

o introduce a welcome letter for new residents

· 16 total committee meetings with previous board between 5-2010 – 4- 2011

· 18 total committee meetings with current board as of 3-21-12

Total savings in 1 year (4-2011 thru 3-2012) = approximately $132,860.00

Average productivity per meeting = (132,860 divided by 18 meetings) cost savings of approx $7,381 per meeting minus the cost of Trustees at $120.00 per meeting = productivity and cost savings of approx $7,261.00 per meeting (3-2012)


Tuesday, April 2nd 2013 at 7am-8pm

113 South 1st Street

Silver Lake, WI