Thermal Pollution

By: Matt Blaisdell


Thermal Pollution is when there is a sudden change in the temperature of the water wether it be colder or more hot. This can occur "From industrial processes" an example is the generation of electricity. If the foliage around the water sources is pulled or ruined it can be come more "turbid" and more sun will be able to be absorbed by the water. Through this change thermal shock can happen due to some fish having short temperature ranges it can kill them. If the water gets colder it affects the reproductive system and makes them susceptible to disease; raising the water temperature increase the decomposition rate in these systems.

Consequences of Thermal Pollution

- Lack of biodiversity within the waters

- Makes It easier for Invasive species to dwell

- Overpopulated areas (Due to Increased nutrient intake, due to increased plant growth.)

Ways to help

Ways people can help to prevent Thermal Pollution, is to start petitions against machines using water from a source or the clearing of plants. Make water sources more valuable to the public.

Currently Happening

Thermal Pollution is currently a problem in the U.S. and needs to be stopped to prevent these eco systems from failing. They are causing Invasive species to over populate and ruin the biodiversity within them. Since the plants within the eco system are failing as well causing soil erosion.