Highlights of Foundation Week SY 2015 - 2016


The street dance competition was an amazing opportunity for the different Monarch dance crews to show case their talent in the art of dance. The street battle was held at the Monarch's gym during the afternoon. The Monarch's we're pumped up to the beat of the music and some even dance along with the performers. This event is one way to show others what Monarch's can do and be able to create and deliver a solid performance that everyone can enjoy.


The cheering competition was an intense battle between courses wherein each performed a solid routine that wowed the audience. Students from BS Tourism, BS Psychology, BS Nursing and BS Information Technology - Education were the ones that performed. So much talent was showcased during the event which gave the judges a hard time to decide. Each of the groups were supported by their own respective colleges showed support by wearing their cheer squad representative's own color. The first ever winners of the college cheering competition 2015 were the MMA-COMM cheer squad.


The Monarch's have become more and more creative with their booths every year. The highlight of this year's booths was the car parked at the walkway, called car stuffing which was organized by the Supreme Student Council, wherein you have to fit as much people as possible in a Volkswagen and if you are successful, the booth managers will give you a cash prize. We also have booths that sell food and other merchandise. There are also entertainment booths where you can play games and a whole lot more.


Every year the Monarch's have a basketball league which is an inter-course battle. Each course battles out for the number one spot at the end of the league to be declared as the College Cup Basketball Champions. The players are supported by their respective block mates and those of the same course. Outsiders were allowed to witness the scheduled games which happened every afternoon.


This year is the season two of the Monarch's Idol which was organized by the organization of the Marketing Management students which is also known as SIJMA. Auditions were held wherein participants who passed the screening were able to perform during the main event that was held at the Monarch's gym. It was a good opportunity for the idols to show others their potentials in singing. The audience and judges were astounded by the angelic voices of our idols. Block mates, friends and families of different competitors were there to show support for their candidates.


The Mister and Miss SGEN is a contest where representatives from each course are given the chance to flaunt their beauty and talents. The first part of the competition was where they presented the national costumes of each country that was assigned to them. Up next was the swimwear competition where each pair of representatives walked down the runway to model their swimsuits with confidence. Last but not the least was the formal wear competition where the ladies wore their elegant evening gowns and the gentlemen wore their ravishing suits and ties. The newly crowned Mr. and Ms. SISC 2015 were Jeanine Kosca and Kevin Raqueno.